President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and President Emeriti

Board of Directors

Love your neighbor as yourself.

A.D. 2015 – 2018

Rev. R. Wayne Morton

Eastern Region: Rev. Ben Eder, 1st Vice President
Western Region: Rev. Todd Arnold, 2nd Vice President
Midwest Region: Rev. Robert Rogers, 3rd Vice President
Lake Erie Region: Rev. Jeffrey Miskus, 4th Vice President


English District staff and contact information

Circuit Visitors

LCMS Circuit Winkel Bible Studies


Circuit #1 - New York
The Rev. Dr. Martin K. Erhardt
Lutheran Church of the Messiah
407 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-4647
Office: (609)924-3642

Circuit #2 - Philadelphia
The Rev. Robert Kieselowsky
St. John Ev. Lutheran Church
25 Scenic Road
Springfield, PA 19064-1951
Office: (610)543-3100

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