English District staff and contact information

The Rev. Dr. Jamison J. Hardy

Jamison Hardy was born on October 1, 1973, to Daniel and Cathryn (Sides) in Bay City, MI. His family moved to Flint, MI and then later to Westland, MI. He attended St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and School in Westland. It was there he met Pastor Ralph Fisher, who told the young Jamison that he would one day enter the ministry. Pastor Fisher ministered to Jamison throughout his life.

The Rev. J. Derek Mathers

Derek Mathers received his Bachelor of Arts from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, and his Masters of Divinity from Concordia in St. Catharines, Ontario. He has served the English District as Vice President Lake Erie Region, Circuit Visitor Canada West and Circuit Visitor Canada East. Rev. Mathers served the Synod as a pastoral advisor to seminary wives.

Mrs. Sally Naglich

Prior to joining the English District - LCMS, Sally began her professional career in the public accounting field after graduating from Adrian College, Adrian, MI with a B.B.A. degree in Accountancy. She holds a Michigan Certified Public Accounting License and membership in the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants.

The Rev. David L. Thiele

I was born in Chicago, IL. and am the oldest of 5 siblings. My father was transferred or changed jobs during my formative years. We lived in the following states: Illinois, Michigan (the U.P.), New Jersey, Alabama and Louisiana. This prepared me to spend all my years in ministry in the non geographical English District.

I was married to Patricia in June 1977 and we were blessed with 4 children.

Mrs. Gail Holzer

Gail and her husband have been blessed with three children. Her education includes a BS in Elementary Education from Clarion University; a Lutheran Teaching Certificate from Concordia University, Ann Arbor and an MA in Technology Education – which is nearly complete – from Concordia University Wisconsin.

Mrs. Lynne Cobb

Lynne is a metro Detroit writer, blogger and journalist, and she has had several articles and essays published in local papers and national magazines, including two articles in the LWML and an essay in Guideposts’ “Angels on Earth.” Lynne brings several years of writing and social media experience to the Communications Coordinator position. A life-long Lutheran, she has served in volunteer positions such as Council Secretary, Communications and Human Care. When her children were younger, Lynne taught Sunday School, VBS and coordinated the nursery.