Church of St. Luke-Lutheran

The Church of St. Luke – Lutheran is a gathering of individuals who confess Jesus Christ as Lord in many languages even as we share one faith. Coming together for worship, we form a congregation originally ethnically German, but today growing more intentionally intercultural in our congregational makeup and leadership. With a vision for being God’s hands and hearts for the people who live in our community, we actively look for opportunities to share our faith and God’s love for all people, welcoming all who come into his family as sisters and brothers.

It is our prayer that we will continue to be intentional in our five purposes:

  • to Trust in God’s promises to us
  • to Care for all those around us
  • to Welcome all people openly and freely into God’s family
  • to Equip all who desire to grow in their relationship with God and in their service as God’s children
  • and to Apply all the blessings we have received in building God’s kingdom.

We invite you to be our guest and pray that you will experience the love of God in full measure.