Faith Preschool of the Church at Jacob's Well

Faith Preschool is a ministry of Jacob’s Well Lutheran Church. The school functions under the leadership of its director with assitance from the Preschool Board. The children are taught by a competent staff of qualified teachers who are dedicated to God and to the care of the children of Faith Preschool. Faith Preschool was founded in 1970 and many of our former students are now bringing their children to Faith Preschool. We are very proud that we have been a premier preschool in Northwest Allen County for 45 years. We are committed to providing an early education program that assists children to develop spiritually, physically, and socially. Faith Preschool’s curriculum is one that we have written over the last 14 years that will help prepare students for Kindergarten. We work closely with both the parochial and public elementary schools in having your children ready for Kindergarten. We offer half day classes for children ages 3-5 years old. Three year olds attend for 2 days a week in the morning. Young four year olds attend for 3 days a week in the morning. We offer two Kindergarten prep classes. The older 4’s/young 5’s class has both morning and afternoon classes. The morning 4/5’s class is 3 days a week and the afternoon 4/5’s class meets four days a week. The second Kindergarten prep class is Pre-K. It is for 5 year olds and has sessions in the morning and afternoon. An optional Music Class is offered on Mondays from 11:15-12:00 for two sessions during the school year. Mrs. Aimee Slone teaches The Slone Zone Music class and is an extra fee. Aimee has 8 years of classroom experience and has taught elementary music at Northwest Allen County Schools. She has taught private lessons for over 15 years. They perform a Christmas Program and an end of the year program. This class is perfect for those students who like to perform.