Redeemer Classical School

Redeemer Classical School, a center for family-based education in Fort Wayne. We are a cottage-sized Christian private school planning to grow each year until our curricula encompasses preschoolers through high school.

We also offer homeschool and adult classes, book clubs, and public events. Future plans include summer camps, field trips, a library of favorite and forgotten classics, and short-term intensive classes. Peruse our pages for more information and to find out how you can contribute.

Redeemer Classical School and Center for Family Renewal: Restoring America’s Christian, classical heritage, one child and family at a time.

Faith Statement

Our statement of faith is the Apostle’s Creed, the oldest and most broadly accepted summary of Christianity’s essential beliefs.

Class Size

Our classes are capped loosely at 18 students per class. We will stretch to accommodate up to 24 students, our hard cap. At that point we will divide the class into two of 12 students each.


Students in forms A and B will receive no more than one hour of homework per week; Students in forms 1 and 2 will receive no more than two hours of homework per week; and students in forms 3 and 4 will receive no more than four hours of homework per week. Under no circumstances will RCS teachers assign “busywork” to students, but substantive, family-relationship-building reinforcements for what students are learning in class.

House System

Redeemer Classical School students, faculty, and staff are organized into four houses. These houses develop servant leadership, commitment to others, comradery, and family-like relationships across ages and forms. They also channel natural social behaviors such as competition, friendship, hierarchies, and alliances into positive influences on students.

Our house system organizes interschool athletic, service, social, and extracurricular events, and fosters a year-long competition for the House Cup. Throughout the year, Redeemer Classical faculty award and penalize points to each house based on students’ service, exhibitions of good and bad character, and achievements.


We are located at Redeemer Lutheran Church in the Oakdale neighborhood, two minutes east of Foster Park. We are in the process of remodeling the church’s school building and we will be installing a natural playground over the next year. Follow our blog for pictures and updates as we beautify our classrooms and playground.

Physical Movement

Directed movement is good for mental and physical development, for all children but especially boys. Free play at recess, standing desks, active learning techniques, short lessons, nature study, integrated art instruction, and more RCS features are designed specifically to harness this activity positively in ways most schools do not. This increases learning and decreases behavior problems.