Trinity Lutheran Preschool


Trinity Lutheran Preschool will provide a Christian setting for the growth and development of young children. This will be a place for young children to experience first-hand the fullness of the love and forgiveness Jesus has for them.

Children need to grow wholly; that is, spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and socially. Trinity Lutheran Preschool will provide children with a variety of experiences; with many materials to touch, handle, and move about; and with teachers ready to adjust the environment to stimulate new ways of thinking.

Trinity Lutheran Preschool will use play to promote the development of skills and competencies needed for later success in school, to increase creativity, to do problem solving, and to give opportunities for role playing.

Trinity Lutheran Preschool realizes that children have varied rates of learning and will begin by observing the individual child’s needs, strengths, weaknesses, and individual interests so activities can be provided which will best serve each child.


Our program is designed to help the child develop concepts, skills, and attitudes that will ensure success in school and life. These activities will take place in semi-structured and unstructured settings designed to use the child’s play activities as settings in which learning takes place naturally and enjoyably.

Creative activities will include painting, cutting, pasting, simple crafts, dramatization of songs and stories, role-playing, and block construction.

Music activities will include listening, singing, playing rhythm instruments, singing games and movement exploration.

Language activities will include phonics, listening to stories, reciting rhymes and finger plays, telling stories, following directions, sharing ideas, and interpreting pictures.

Science, health, and safety activities will include observing and experimenting with plants, animals, water, weather, seeds, growth, wind and the senses, and learning good health and safety habits.

Physical fitness activities will include large and small muscle activities, identification of body parts, movement in different directions, positions in space, and experience throwing and catching.

Concepts to be observed and discussed will include colors, shapes, sizes, classifying and categorizing, counting, measuring, patterns, spatial relationships, sorting, likenesses and differences, and recognizing and printing name.

Religious curriculum will be an important part of the learning experiences. The Concordia Religion Series being used is designed to help the preschooler become more aware of the wonderful world God has created and of the forgiveness and love God has shown us in Jesus.