Official Acts




The Rev. Eric E. Klemme, March 12, 2017, Sole Pastor, Bethany, Chicago, IL

The Rev. Noel C. Olse, March 12, 2017, Sole Pastor, Trinity, La Porte, IN

The Rev. Adam C. Koontz, March 11, 2017, Sole Pastor, Concordia Lutheran Mission, Myerstown, PA

The Rev. Todd W. Arnold, January 15, 2017, Sole Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Risen Savior, Green Valley, AZ.

The Rev. Gregory R. Lutz, December 11, 2016, Associate Pastor, St. Luke, North York, ON, Canada

The Rev. Jeffrey S. Teeple, December 4, 2016, Senior Pastor, Peace, Fremont, IN.I




TRANSFERS IN - Ordained/Commissioned

Sara M. Bielby (CM), April 14, 2017, Michigan District

James A. Bretthauer (CM), March 2, 2017, Texas District

The Rev. Young Chol "Isaac" Choi, February 7, 2017, Texas District

Emily K. Rawlings (CM), January 27, 2017, North Wisconsin Distirct

Jennifer Holmes (CM), January 25, 2017, South Wisconsin District (Candidate Status)

The Rev. Eric E. Klemme, December 14, 2016, Minnesota North (Candidate Status)

The Rev. Gregory R. Lutz, December 11, 2016, Missouri District


TRANSFERS IN - Congregations/Schools


TRANSFER OUT - Congregations/Schools


TRANSFERS OUT - Ordained/Commissioned

The Rev. Ronald S. Rieger, April 3, 2017, Rocky Mountain District

The Rev. Steven B. Patton, March 16, 2017, Southeastern District

The Rev. Michael W. Stoerger, March 13, 2017, Central Illinois District

The Rev. Mark J. Zuehsow, March 6, 2017, SELC District

Kenneth Paul Precht (CM), February 16, 2017, Michigan District

he Rev. Steven M. Voelker, February 3, 2017, Indiana District

The Rev. Peter C. Hoffmann, February 1, 2017, Indiana District

The Rev. Paul E. Speerbrecker, February 1, 2017, Indiana District

Judy E. Evangelista (CM), January 30, 2017. Northern Illinois District

Susan N. Burke (CM), January 27, 2017, Pacific Southwest District

Gary A. Plopper (CM), January 24, 2017, South Wisconsin District

Kelly S. Sipan (CM), January 13, 2017, Pacific Southwest District

Steven D. Armbrust (CM), January 11, 2017, Florida-Georgia District

Michael A. Guymon (CM), January 11, 2017, Central Illinois District

Irene L. Brown (CM), January 10, 2017, Missouri District

Bethany H. Wood (CM), January 10, 2017, Pacific Southwest District

Lois E. Lindeman (CM), January 10, 2017, Florida-Georgia District

Doris J. Petersen (CM), January 10, 2017, Indiana District

Jennifer C. Peterson (CM), January 10, 2017, Michigan District

Kay L. Matthews (CM), January 10, 2017, Northern Illinois District

The Rev. Dr. Joseph N. Loftis, January 10, 2017, Indiana District

The Rev. Joshua P. Bernau, January 9, 2017, Minnesota South District

The Rev. Gregory R. Lutz, December 6, 2016, Missouri District



Denise Meyer (CM), April 7, 2017, Resigned

The Rev. Lumembo Tshiswaka, April 4, 2017, Resgined

Sarah Ann Krieger (CM), March 30, 2017, Removed

Kristen E. Evenson (CM) March 23, 2017, Removed

Laurie Nelson (CM), March 17, 2017, Removed

Thomas W. Brittain  (CM), March 10, 2017, Removed

Susan Kay Arends (CM), March 1, 2017, Removed

Julia Perry-Clark, (CM), March 1, 2017, Removed

Hsiang-Yi Alice Kuo (CM), March 1, 2017, Removed

Mark W. Sieger (CM), March 1, 2017, Removed

The Rev. Robbie F. Taylor, February 28, 2017, Resigned

The Rev. Jerome H. Groth, February 28, 2017, Resigned

Linda L. Baase (CM), February 27, 2017, Resigned

Sandra Kocab (CM), February 24, 2017, Resigned

Ehren W. Simmer (CM), February 13, 2017, Removed


The Rev. Theodore L. Laesch, Jr., Appointed as the Circuit Visitor of the St. Louis Circuit #18, February 21, 2017








The Rev. Jeffrey N. Webb, April 3, 2017, Active to Candidate

The Rev. Adam J. DeGroot, March 19, 2017, Active to Candidate

Randal J. Masbruch (CM), March 16, 2017, Candiate to Emeritus

The Rev. James W. Jasper, March 3, 2017, Active to Emeritus

Laurie A. Horne (CM), February 22, 2017, Active to Candidate

MaryAnn Berkesch (CM), December 20, 2016, Candidate to Emeritus

Robert W. Kaun, Jr. (CM), December 6, 2016, Candidate to Emeritus



The Rev. William H. F. Lehmann, Jr., February 7, 2017

The Rev. Jonathan P. Stein, December 20, 2016