Ministry With Families


… celebrating our spiritual identity, reminding one another of the unique bond of support we share as baptized children of God.

… long-life teaching (in the broad sense) of the faith, so God’s children pass it along to all generations.

… training intentionally for ongoing leadership development within congregations, fostering spiritual leadership within the family (sustainability). Note: Effective leadership is what makes family ministry happen.

… nurturing and supporting all families as they reclaim what it means to be family, creating grace places where generations intentionally teach, live, and proclaim the extravagant love of Jesus. Deuteronomy 6:6-10; Acts 2:42-47; Acts 10:2

… assisting people to reclaim baptismal identity and to recognize the rewards and values that come from being in a worshiping grace place.

… facilitating a process to help people relearn the language (learn a new language), eliminating a ‘silo’ mentality. (What does it mean when we say, “Yes with the help of God.”)

… building foundations for strong and healthy Christ-centered marriages where children are welcomed and nurtured and supported in their journey of life and faith.