VisionPath is an approach intended to help move a ministry toward clarity in its mission. This is not strategic planning and a three ring binder, VisionPath is dynamic, fluid, streamlined and affordable.

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The Process

Here’s how it works. There is a one-time event at the congregation or ministry, facilitated by a trained LCEF consultant. The event lasts half a day and is built around the question, “Why are you here?”

After a general direction has been established, a VisionPath team from your congregation will be formed to refine the general direction, articulate it, construct strategies around it and communicate it to the general body, with the assistance of the consultant, who provides remote coaching.

The VisionPath team will determine when the members of the congregation may be asked to signal their commitment to the determined direction of the ministry. This commitment will take place at a covenant event, which is a public proclamation of the direction of the ministry and commitment to that direction.

The VisionPath team will continue beyond the covenant event, maintaining the direction. Following the event, the LCEF consultant will make periodic contact with the ministry, offering encouragement and support.

The VisionPath Distinctives
There are many programs available to help ministries be more effective in living out their calling to be the people of God. Here’s what makes VisionPath unique:

  • It’s not a strategic plan. It establishes a general direction, a “path” that ministries can follow. Along the way there might be need for strategies and tactics, but not as ends in themselves.
  • It’s not a program. It’s not even really a process. It’s a catalytic approach to moving a ministry along a path.
  • It’s not consultant-heavy. The consultant is onsite for the initial event and then provides coaching remotely.
  • It is dynamic, rather than static. Rather than winding up with a three-ring binder on a shelf, VisionPath moves and morphs with the congregation and the community.
  • It is affordable. Many of the congregations who most need some sort of strategic process find the cost to be daunting.

For more information email English District LCEF or call 517-980-2857.