Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission

The English District - LCMS Board of Directors has approved that the District become a “Managing Partner” in the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (DRLM). This is a distinct honor and opportunity, and we would like to invite your congregation and/or school to consider being part of the DRLM English District Team.
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For more information on short-term mission opportunities to the Dominican Republic, click in the links below:
MOST Ministries Team Coordination and Care Outline

Why the Dominican Republic (DR) and DRLM?
First, this is a rapidly growing mission field with enormous potential. Heading up the mission team in the DR is the Rev. Ted Krey. He is the LCMS Regional Director for all of Latin America and the Caribbean, a pastor-missionary in the English District from Windsor, Ontario.

Second, Pastor Krey and his Mission Team, have the vision of planting several new mission congregations and schools in the next five years by the power of His Word.

Third, congregations have finite resources for mission trips; partnering together we can do more for Him through this opportunity in the DRLM

Fourth, the Caribbean is close by; a simple flight from Miami gets one to either of the DR’s major cities, Santo Domingo or Santiago. As a result, English District congregations and schools could work together and send mission teams to the DR!

For more information about the DRLM please watch this video:

As a managing partner in the DRLM, the English District will provide prayer support, volunteer mission groups (“sweat equity”), and financial resources. The congregations of the English District together have the opportunity of providing a financial gift, over and above their regular District mission pledge and contribution, to be partners in this ministry in the Dominican Republic.