Forms and Reports

English District Financial Aid/Scholarships

Scholarships are given to applicants enrolled in synodically-approved church work programs. Scholarships are not given to interns, vicars, SMP pastors, or graduate students. Colloquy students should use the form titled Colloquy Financial Aid Application. All financial aid applications must be received at the English District office by June 1st. Please click on the following links for additional information and forms.

Forms and Information for Calling/Called Workers

Lumen Christi Award

Below are the webform links to nominate either a professional educator or a congregational volunteer educator or both. The deadline for submission of the nomination back to the English District office is February 15th. Also, please keep in mind that anyone who is even nominated for the award should be recognized by his or her congregation. This is yet another way for the church to say thank you for their ministry. If you have any questions regarding the Lumen Christi Award, or would like a paper copy of the nomination form mailed to you, please feel free to contact the Congregational Services office at the English District. Thank you!