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Janet Lou Kaminske Stechholz – “Teacher Extraordinaire”

Janet Stechholz has always been a teacher. Even in her childhood years at St. Paul Lutheran Elementary School, Oak Lawn, IL, she wanted to be a teacher. She was given opportunities to work with her brother, Norman, in his learning disability, and with other students at a young age. She also taught swimming and was a camp counselor at Camp CILCA near Springfield, IL.

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More than Memory Lane

Memory Lane

By Augusta R. Mennell

Baptized in Faith

Baptized in Faith

By Rev. Derek Mathers

Meet our Missions - Asian Indian Ministry-Chicago (Bethesda AIMS)

Meet our Missions-AIM

Meet our Missions - Asian Indian Ministry-Chicago (Bethesda AIMS)

By: Rev. Shadrach Katari, Missionary

Meet our Missions – PLM

Meet Our Missions

This month’s edition of “Meet our Missions” introduces the Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries (PLM), one of the many missions supported by the English District.

By: Rev Robert Kieselowsky, Executive Director; Pastor: St. John Lutheran Springfield, PA and Logos Lutheran Philadelphia, PA