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The Faithful Steward

Faithful Steward

Four Tips to Keep Your Family Financially Safe and Healthy 

By Jane Dulle, Chief Operating Officer

Lutheran Federal Credit Union

Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time

By. Rev. Christian Just "(Thanks to Scott P. Richert)"

Today’s guest blogger, Rev. Christian Just, explains that “Ordinary Time” isn’t necessarily ordinary! “Ordinary Time” was originally published in the monthly newsletters of Epiphany Lutheran Church, Northfield OH, and St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church, Streetsboro, OH.

Why? Blessings in Adversity

Why - Blessings in Adversity

Today’s guest blogger, Rev. Ben Eder, pastor of Pilgrim Lutheran Church and the First Vice President of the English District, tackles the topic we all face: Why me?


Blessings in Adversity

By Rev. Ben Eder

Where do you get your Vitamin C?

Where do you get your Vitamin C

Where Do You Get Your Vitamin C?

By Vicki J. Helmling