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One Dollar - Per Member - Per Week


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Launched on June 15, 2018... See what has developed since the onset of 1-1-1

In the beginning…   One dollar, per member, per week = 1-1-1!


The English District has launched a new model for funding missions to which every congregation is invited to participate. It is completely voluntary, but we believe that as God's people see and hear what is being accomplished, specifically and directly in support and development of new missions and enhancing existing missions, more and more of us will want to be involved.


It's simple. Very simple. It is NOT burdensome, nor sacrificial. It involves every baptized member of the Body of Jesus in your congregation, from the newest baby baptized to the oldest member. It demonstrates the power of the beautiful body of Christ working together, prompted by faith. It shows how much can be accomplished by many, giving little.


Here's the plan: $1/per baptized member/per week. Simple, right? Self-explanatory almost. Not burdensome, nor sacrificial. All can participate.  


  What is happening...   1-1-1 for Missions in July 2019



On Wednesday, July 24, at the 67th Regular Convention of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), there were three resolutions presented by Floor Committee 8 on Finance.

Synod passes Resolution on 1-1-1

One of the three resolutions encouraged LCMS congregations to adopt the 1-1-1 offering model. Thanks be to God, the resolution passed, and the good work of 1-1-1 is now being recognized across Synod!





 District Resolution to be Considered by Synod  Congratulations, English District congregations! Your enthusiasm for the 1-1-1 “Dollar for Missions” initiative has not only generated excitement in God’s people in local congregations, and not only raised well over $35,000 for use in God’s mission field throughout our District, but now the ENTIRE Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod will be considering this model for use in mission support at this summer’s Synodical Convention.

 If you were at the 2018 English District Convention in Ann Arbor, MI, you saw how encouraging it was to have the delegates join together, voting 93% to 7% in favor of supporting A Dollar for Missions. Since that time, dozens of English District congregations have joined in and given generously by God’s grace. What if all 35 Districts of Synod were united in the same way? As a Convention Resolution to recommend this giving opportunity to all Synodical congregations comes forward, please cover it in your prayers.  

 Please pray with all of us that congregations from around the LCMS see all of your joy as you give to the mission work of God’s Kingdom. Please pray that if this resolution passes, the voting delegates themselves take home enthusiasm and energy, knowing that there really is power and strength in many giving a little. The mission endeavors of our pastors, teachers, missionaries, mercy workers, and lay people around the world are so, so important. This resolution seeks to affirm its importance, and encourage it like never before, to resource it like never before. 

 God’s people are a generous people, because they serve an even more generous God. May that same God bless you as you serve HIM with joy!

 ++ The English District LCMS Missions Council

1-1-1 for Missions                


1-1-1 Bearing Fruit  


We would like to thank you and all the members of the congregations who are supporting the English District Missions and for your participation in 111We are happy to share that the news that as of the beginning of November there are 62 congregations participating in 1-1-1 and 6 individuals.  


This is the power of many giving little as we are moved by Gods spirit

Missions is what the Church is called to do, by Jesus.

Fear can stop us of from dreaming big and doing great things.

We are the body of Christ—working together.

There is power and strength in many giving a little.

The extra funds for missions that are raised will help support two missions.


 Young and old alike are making a difference! Won’t you join us?