To view highlights from the English District Convention visit our YouTube channel.

The English District website contains many resources for you and your congregation. You can download our list of adult education video resources or you can browse other resources on our site. Some of the sections include:

Circuit Winkel Bible Studies

Click here to access the Circuit Winkel Bible Studies.

SMP Admission Requirements for English District Candidates

The LCMS endorsed the Specific Ministry Pastor Program (SMP) at the 2007 Convention. Click on Resource Documents on the Resources menu to download the SMP Admission Requirements for English District Candidates.

Resource Documents

The documents listed will help you in a variety of ministry areas. Visit the Resource Documents Page


The forms available in this section cover most of the activities that happened within the English District during the three years between English District conventions. You will be alerted through e-mail when we need you to fill out one of these forms. View the Forms

Offsite links

These links offer opportunities and resources for mission and ministry within your congregation. See the list of our Offsite Links

English District Prayer List for 2016-2017 will be published one month at a time beginning with July, 2016.  Click on Resource Documents under Resources to access the prayer list or type "daily prayers" in the search box.