Better Than a Bandage or an Ice Pack

bandage and ice pack

Today’s guest blogger wants to know who you turn to when it hurts.

By Vicki Helmling

We have a couple of items in the school office that seem to work wonders for our children at Grace – especially for the little ones – a steady supply of ice packs and bandages.

Children will often come to the office to tell Mrs. Hensley, our secretary, they have a “hurt” – often one that can't be seen – but is very real to the child who comes to the office. All Mrs. Hensley has to do is offer an ice pack or bandage and the hurt disappears. Sometimes the students want an ice pack and she, in her wisdom, gives them a bandage, too. They are happy because that is what is needed; and sometimes the reverse is true. Mrs. Hensley gives them what is best for them. A bandage would not be good for a bump on the head and an ice pack is not a good idea for someone with a cut that is bleeding.

This started me thinking. If an ice pack or bandage can heal a real or perceived injury for one of our little ones, how much better is the love and forgiveness of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Our hurts, injuries, sins, and heartbreaks are so very real; they weigh us down. They take more than an ice pack or a bandage to fix; often the words of another just won’t do the trick. These hurts, injuries, sins, and heartbreaks don’t just go away – they don’t just get better over time.

No, “time doesn’t heal all things.”

No, just forgetting about it won’t make things better; just trying to get over it won’t make it better.

There has to be someone to turn to – someone who truly “gets it.”

Where do we turn when we are weighed down? Where do we turn when we are tired and weary? All we have to do is to go to Him. 

Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28 that all who are weary should come to Him and He will give rest.

Sounds simple – right? Well, it’s not. It takes a lot to trust in our LORD and Savior to go to Him, whom we cannot see. Jesus knew it would not be easy – He even told Thomas this in John 20:29b, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” (ESV)

What is simply amazing is that when we do go to Him in our times of need with our hurts, injuries, sins and heartbreaks, He is already there waiting for us and ready to take our burdens and give us rest. Jesus will provide the rest exactly as we need it – not as we think we need it – but as we need it.

If Mrs. Hensley can provide for our children the best for their needs, just think how much better our LORD and Savior provides for our needs. The children have never feared coming to her for care and comfort. So why then should we fear going to our loving Savior for care and comfort when He gave all He had for us?

Vicki Helmling is the school administrator at Grace English Lutheran School in Chicago, IL.  Do you have a ministry experience you would like to share? If so, you, too, could be a guest blogger for the English District. For consideration, please send an email to Lynne Cobb, Communications Coordinator for the English District LCMS, at