Peace in the Valley Lutheran Church Anniversry



On Saturday October 20 Peace in the Valley Lutheran Church celebrated 15 years of worship in their church at 551 S J-Six Ranch Road in Benson.  Pastor Ron York rededicated the building and all its furnishings to God’s work.  About 60 people attended, most of whom had a part in the actual construction of the church. Some came from as far away as Colorado and Nebraska.  It was a joyous, sometimes emotional, event as people who had worked together on the project saw each other again after many years.  Many who participated in specific phases of the construction were seeing the final result for the first time.


Peace in the Valley began as a small congregation of about 10 people meeting in a converted residence at Sixth and Gila Street in Benson.  They were comfortable there until the seasonal visitors led to services with standing room only.  In late 1999 they began to talk about the possibility of building a church.  The 4+ acre property on J-Six Ranch Road was purchased, and construction began in February of 2000.  Members provided the labor and equipment.  The organization Laborers for Christ, a group of volunteers who provide help with church construction all over the United States, was asked to help; as work progressed, the Builders sent workers with special skills to support the efforts of the church members.  Several RV sites were installed on the property to accommodate the workers.


The project progressed as time and money were available.  The Benson community was generous with both help and donations.  One church member donated his entire estate at his death.  The proceeds from the sale of that property went a long way toward paying for the needed materials, and the managers of the project were constantly looking for bargains on needed items.  Construction was completed in March 2003.  Nearly all the labor was done by volunteers.  Only the final stucco work was done by paid professionals.  A loan of $20,000 was obtained to complete the work, and that loan was paid within 12 months.


The first church service was held in the new building on April 11, 2003.  Services continue each Sunday at 9:30 AM.  A member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Peace in the Valley preaches Christ crucified for the forgiveness of sins.  All are welcome.  Visitors frequently comment on the friendly welcome they receive.