Prayers and chairs

Chairs donated by Beautiful Savior

Among the many benefits of attending conventions and conferences hosted by the English District is the opportunity to worship, pray and fellowship together.

Another benefit is networking, which took a wonderful turn during this past May’s Professional Church Workers’ Conference, held in Ann Arbor, MI.

“This is an amazing story,” Bishop David Stechholz wrote in an email to staff earlier this summer.

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Lee’s Summit, MO, has graciously given 320 metal folding chairs to their sister Circuit congregation, Grace Lutheran in Vine Grove, KY (at the other end of the St. Louis Circuit).

“The Spring PCW Conference must have been the “exchange ground” of information,” said Bishop Stechholz. 

 “Grace Lutheran is going to be moving into its new House of Worship (a remarkable story in itself, and with thanks to LCEF),” continued the Bishop.

After the conference, Pastor Nate Schwartz and Pastor Dave Tannahill exchanged emails and pictures of the chairs, and coordinated the pick-up and delivery of the items. Additionally, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church donated a six-part stage and a 12-foot projection screen.

Pastor Tannahill shared that the chairs will be used in the Fellowship Area for events and outreach projects, noting that his parishioners are very grateful to receive such a generous gift.

In an email, Pastor Tannahill said that the Service of Dedication in their new facility will take place on Sunday, September 7.

Apparently, the chairs are just a small chapter in the story of Grace Lutheran getting to their new home of worship.

“When we get settled, I'll send along some inside shots for you and the story - it's a doozy!” shared Pastor Tannahill. His statement has the English District staff waiting to hear – and learn more – because Bishop Stechholz commented that this move is a quite a story.

“I’m not sure how this all happened, other than it being a remarkable work of Almighty God in the English District. I do not know all or even most of the details, but….praise God!”

We look forward to Pastor Tannahill sharing the story of how they acquired their new building. In the mean time, we are very happy to tell the story of the chairs, and how prayers can be answered in many ways.

Associate Pastor Jon Gruen of Beautiful Savior, who helped coordinate the gift to Grace Lutheran said, “It is our joy to be able to provide the assistance. All glory to God, for His marvelous ways!

Volunteers ready to help!

This guest post was written by Lynne Cobb, the English District's Communication Coordinator. If you have a story you would like to share, or need to have written, send an email to