A Typical Week in the Life of One Pastor - An example of Outreach

Do you live in a world where you believe your pastor only works on Sundays? Then be prepared to have your world turned upside down, as we have a sneak peek into the life of Pastor Gordon Naumann, from Trinity Lutheran Church in Scarsdale, NY. It is clear that he routinely reaches out to his neighbors on a daily basis with the Word of God. Here is his typical week in pictures. He is sharing this for the specific purpose of inspiring you and me to reach out to our neighbor, to be a "mighty messenger for Christ today; to either be encouraged and strengthened in our Christian witness and to not give up (It's a race of endurance), or to get off the couch, walk away from the screen and start sharing our testimonies today!"

"The harvest is ready! You may not currently be a 'church worker'. You don't have to be a 'volunteer'. Are you a Christian? Then how is your faith lived out every day, if not in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with someone, anyone? Does your faith make you want to be a witness for Christ, or not? If our pews aren't full and you're not telling your neighbor about Jesus, there's only one piece missing to the puzzle, and it's not hard to work out. Start inviting your neighbor to church. And that's only going to happen, really, if you sit down and have a frank conversation about Who Jesus is and what He means to you!

Maybe you're just not that outgoing a person. But let us just put to rest for a moment the apprehension that it is a hard thing. It is as easy as telling someone about the stellar restaurant you went to the other day. The food was exceptional and it just stuck in your head how good it was! How much more do life and salvation mean to us? And we stay excited about Church because we actually go on a regular basis. Maybe that's a whole article in itself. We share the good news because it's something we take great comfort from as well as nourishment and often! We share it because it's often on our mind; because we attend Church often and know how good it is for us."

And when Pastor Naumann isn't 'on the street', even from his office, as well as all the administration a pastor needs to accomplish in the week, sermon preparation and Bible Study research, he's sharing the Gospel on-line, uploading his 'Hymn of the Day' on Facebook and reflective thoughts among other things like keeping the website up to date, ensuring a monthly Newsletter gets published. At the last count, Pastor Naumann has 532 'followers' on Facebook. Yes, social media can be a good thing. Check out Pastor Gordon Naumann's Youtube Channel to see his archived sermons. 

Monday to Friday mornings are spent in the church office, to be available should anyone 'call'. These are the office hours.

Monday Nights: I Socialize with the students at Concordia College NY, relating to many of them with my love of table tennis.

Tuesday Nights: Sitting again inside CC NY's cafeteria to converse, after which I attend their weekly Campus Christian Ministry Meeting.

Wednesday Nights: I attend Choir Practice and let's not forget the extra work that goes into preparing multiple services for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and every other festival day.

Thursday afternoons: I do make a special conscious effort for not just outreach but evangelism in the heart of our nearest town, White Plains. This may not be for everyone but is a natural step forward from 'outreach'. 

Friday afternoons, with my family, I attend our local library in Crestwood where there is ample opportunity for getting to know our neighbors. 

Saturday afternoons we have a Youth Club and Trinity Lutheran Church has now introduced a Saturday Night Divine Service.

Sundays probably go without saying; Sunday School and Bible Study precede the morning service, at which everybody may then attend as nothing clashes! 

 Food pantry delivery. 

So, with that, God bless your week and may it be fruitful for the Lord as well as for your own soul.


In Christ,

Pastor Naumann

To God be the Glory