When paths cross

Rev. Schwartz
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Ministry has its ups and downs. Sometimes it can be very discouraging. God calls us to be faithful. Recently, He richly blessed my faithfulness.

On the way home from the Pastor’s Conference in Detroit, I sat next to a young woman in her early twenties on the flight from Chicago to Kansas City. Turns out she works for Cerner and is helping set up a new software system at a hospital in the Chicago area.

She is a recent college graduate, and we had a very enjoyable conversation about her new job, Chicago, Kansas City, and life in general. She eventually asked me what I did for a living. When she discovered that I was a Lutheran pastor, she had plenty of questions. She was raised Catholic, but her boyfriend is Baptist. They are looking for a church home and have visited a few Lutheran churches.

We had a great conversation. At the end, I invited her to visit our church and gave her my business card. She lives in an apartment down by the plaza; her boyfriend also lives in that general area.

Well, on Sunday, this young woman showed up to worship with her boyfriend.

I would like to share our correspondence, so that you can see how God is at work.

After seeing the couple in church, I sent an email:

“Thanks so much for joining us for worship on Sunday! I hope you enjoyed the Contemporary Service. I also pray you found people warm, caring, and welcoming.

As I said on Sunday, you might want to try the Traditional Service someday. It more closely resembles the Catholic Mass.

You are a wonderful, young couple. I am so glad I got to meet you on the plane!

I hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend and a good summer.

Come visit us again, sometime.

God’s richest blessings!

Pastor Schwartz”

Here is the response I received:

“Pastor Schwartz,

Thank you so much for reaching out once again. We enjoyed the service and thought highly of the couples you introduced to us.

The church is beautiful and your passion for God's word is evident. I am also very thankful we met on the plane! I believe God puts people in our path for a reason.
Please continue praying that we strengthen our relationship through Christ and through the Lutheran liturgy.

I look forward to visiting again.”

We never know who God will place in our path – or in the seat next to us in an airplane.

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