Who has God placed in your path?

Guest post by Rev. Eric Carlson

Our Savior Lutheran Church - Chicago, IL

As the pastor of a small church, I am always looking out for opportunities to reach new people. Those opportunities often come in unexpected ways. For instance, some of my visits to home-bound members and trips to meetings require me to travel on toll roads. On these trips, I often see the same toll collectors. Rather than rushing through, I take a few moments to greet them and have a quick conversation.

On one of these occasions, a woman I had spoken with several times before looked very upset. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it and to my surprise she opened up about a broken relationship and the sadness it was causing her. The traffic behind me was getting understandably upset, so I prayed with her briefly and gave her my business card with a time we could talk later in the day. She ended up calling me at the church. I had the opportunity to listen to her struggles, share the Gospel, and pray with her.

This isn’t a particularly exciting story, but it demonstrates how unexpected opportunities to share Christ come about in our daily lives, sometimes with people that we normally overlook. All it takes is a few extra moments to interact with someone and ask how they are doing. In this instance, the person God placed before me was a toll collector. The person God places before you could be a server at a restaurant, a mechanic, a clerk at a store, a mail carrier…who will you encounter as you go about your day?

One thing is certain. You won’t have to look far to reach out with the love of Christ! 

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