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The Parish Paper (2/2017)

How Do Congregations Respond to Interfaith Couples?

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The Parish Paper (1/2017)

Conquering the Cutback Syndrome

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The Parish Paper (12/2016)

Can We Wait for God’s Spark?

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The Parish Paper (11/2016)

Does Your Congregation Suffer from Anxiety?

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The Parish Paper (10/2016)

Keeping Up with the Pastor’s Pay: Trends behind Clergy Wages

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The Parish Paper (9/2016)

What Keeps Congregations from Implementing New Ideas?

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Protecting Your Ministry (From Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Lawsuits)

Synod provides legal guide amid increased intrusions

Attached is a booklet which is the result of a collaborative partnership between the LCMS and Alliance Defending Freedom. "Protecting Your Ministry (From Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Lawsuits)" is a legal guide for LCMS congregations, schools and ministries. Please read through this entire booklet carefully to understand the full scope of the issues and how you can protect various ministries.

The Parish Paper (8/2016)

Multiple Roads to a Multicultural Congregation

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The Parish Paper (7/2016)

When Charity Brings Anything But Relief

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The Parish Paper (6/2016)

Making Congregations Greener

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The Parish Paper (5/2016)

How Do New People Hear about Your Church?

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Nomination Form for Doctor of Divinity

Download form to your computer or fill out and print. Return to Bishop Hardy by May 10, 2016.