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The Parish Paper (4/2016)

How to Deal with Church Conflict

PDF icon 0416ParishPaper.pdf246.16 KB

The Parish Paper (3/2016)

What Numbers Matter for Congregations? Lessons from Five-Year Trends

PDF icon 0316ParishPaper.pdf240.16 KB

The Parish Paper (2/2016)

The Payday Lending Crisis: What Can Congregations Do?

PDF icon 0216ParishPaper.pdf271.29 KB

The Parish Paper (1/2016)

How Ministry Teams Get Things Done

PDF icon 0116ParishPaper.pdf342.92 KB

Conflict of Interest Statement

Conflict of Interest statement for board members and staff

PDF icon CONFLICT OF INTEREST 2015.pdf54.81 KB

Witness & Outreach Sentences Word Doc

Witness and Outreach Sentences for 2015 from the English District Evangelization Committee

File WitnessandOutreachSentences2015.docx61.42 KB

Witness & Outreach Sentences PDF

Witness and Outreach Sentences for 2015 from the English District Evangelization Committee

PDF icon Witness and Outreach Sentences 2015.pdf268.94 KB

Minutes - June 20, 2015

Convention Minutes from Saturday, June 20, 2015

PDF icon July 20, 2015 Convention Minutes.pdf49.47 KB

June 20, 2015 Addendum

Minutes from June 19, 2015 and reworked resolutions from Committee #1

PDF icon 062015 Addendum.pdf78.77 KB

Dr. Joel Lehenbauer - Theological Convocation

The Mission of Christ's Church in an Age of Moral Collapse

June 19, 2015 Addendum

June 18, 2015 Convention Minutes

PDF icon 061915 Addendum.pdf65.15 KB

June 18, 2015 Addendum2

Bio for Rev. R. Wayne Morton

PDF icon 061815a Addendum Morton bio.pdf21.76 KB

June 18, 2015 Addendum

Resolutions changed as a result of the open forums.

PDF icon 061815 Addendum Resolutions.pdf71.43 KB

Call Consideration Guidelines

Guidelines to assist Commissioned Ministers

PDF icon CallConsiderationGuidelines.pdf104.29 KB

Commissoned Minister Checklist

A detailed checklist for calling a commissioned minister.

Calling a Commissioned Minister

Step by step guidelines for calling a Commissioned Minister.