Our Synod has a wealth of resources on her Life Ministry webpage to support the proclamation of the sanctity of life in the congregation and the community, see https://lcmslife.org.  You may sign up there to receive newsletters and other resources from the LCMS Life Ministry.

Highlights include:

  • Life Library, of very helpful papers, articles and information covering the spectrum of life issues, at https://lcmslife.org.  Spanish language resources may be found at https://lcmslife.org/spanish/.
  • Downloadable worship resources for life ministry at https://lcmslife.org/resource/life-ministry-worship-resources/
  • A Vigil of Repentance in Remembrance of the Victims of Abortion, downloadable here
  • Dr. John T. Pless, A Small Catechism on Human Life, an excellent review of life issues through the lens of Dr. Luther’s Small Catechism.  A suitable study for congregational Life Teams and Bible study groups. Downloadable in English at https://lcmslife.org/resource/a-small-catechism-on-human-life/ Also available in Spanish at https://lcmslife.org/resource/el-catecismo-menor-sobre-la-vida-humana/, and Russian at https://lcmslife.org/resource/a-small-catechism-on-human-life-russian-translation/
  • Dr. John T. Pless, Mercy at Life’s End, a very useful guide to help laity consider end of life issues in advance, and to help pastors guide their people through these, a suitable study for congregational Life Teams and Bible study groups. Downloadable at https://files.lcms.org/file/preview/B996066F-C1E4-4A46-8CD5-D85DB3F33ED7
  • Rev. Peter Preus, I Will Grieve for the Suicide, words of comfort for family members following the suicide of a loved one.  Downloadable at https://files.lcms.org/f/B2D4FF97-B9F4-4CD3-9F5D-25CFD24251EB
  • Friends for Life podcast, “exploring life issues in a way that honors our heavenly Father’s value of human life, serves our neighbor, and connects us to others who are doing the same.”  The podcasts may be accessed at https://www.kfuo.org/category/friends-for-life/
  • Every One His Witness, “a relational, contextual Lutheran evangelism program that teaches you how to witness to your unchurched friends, coworkers, neighbors and family members.”  The Sanctity of Life witness is ultimately a witness to Christ incarnate, crucified, died, risen, and ascended, for all people!  “Using the LASSIE approach to witnessing (listen, ask, seek, share, invite, and encourage), you will learn how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a natural way with people who are part of your everyday life.” The resource includes a core module, covering witnessing in general, and context modules addressing specific contexts (including one on witnessing to those who have had abortions).  The materials may be accessed at https://www.everyonehiswitness.org.
  • Concordia Publishing House (CPH), the publishing arm of the LCMS, is your go-to for sanctity of life resources written through the lens of Scripture and our Lutheran Confessions. At cph.org, you will find numerous resources from Synod and Lutherans for Life. In the end, though, every CPH publication boldly proclaims that every human life is precious to God, from fertilization to eternity.