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Oh, L.A.S.S.I.E., Where Are You?


Oh, L.A.S.S.I.E., Where Are You?

By Rev. John Diener

Love Is an Action Word

Love is an action word

Today’s message is very timely for Valentine’s Day! Love is an Action Word – So is Faith!

By Vicki Helmling

Breaking Bread Together

Break bread together

By Augusta R. Mennell

What is it about sharing a meal that brings us closer together in fellowship? Today’s guest blogger shares her experience in serving and sharing Campus Ministry meals, and how it opens the door to sharing the Gospel.

Go and Tell

Go and Tell

By Augusta Mennell

Today’s guest blogger shares the great privilege of sharing Christ’s love as they “Go and Tell” through Campus Ministry.

Better Than a Bandage or an Ice Pack

bandage and ice pack

Today’s guest blogger wants to know who you turn to when it hurts.

By Vicki Helmling

We have a couple of items in the school office that seem to work wonders for our children at Grace – especially for the little ones – a steady supply of ice packs and bandages.

A Thousand Acts of Kindess

A Thousand Acts of Kindness

Sometimes it is the small gestures. Today's guest blogger talks about the importance of kindness and Campus Ministry.

A Thousand Acts of Kindness

By Augusta R. Mennell

Does Campus Ministry work?

Does Campus Ministry work



Why does it mean so much to share the Gospel with college students – international and American – on campus? Ken’s story helps to explain why we do what we do.

Why I Am an LFCU Member



By Ken Krueger

How do you spend time?

How do you spend time

By Vicki Helmling