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Why? Blessings in Adversity

Why - Blessings in Adversity

Today’s guest blogger, Rev. Ben Eder, pastor of Pilgrim Lutheran Church and the First Vice President of the English District, tackles the topic we all face: Why me?


Blessings in Adversity

By Rev. Ben Eder

Where do you get your Vitamin C?

Where do you get your Vitamin C

Where Do You Get Your Vitamin C?

By Vicki J. Helmling


The Bonds of Friendship

August Mennel

Guest blogger Augusta Mennell, Campus Ministry Director at All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center in Slippery Rock, PA, shares how Campus Ministry reaches out to all students, forming life-changing bonds.


Four things you need to know about Parish Nursing


Interested in Parish Nursing? Four things you need to know!

By Sue Neff, RN Parish Nurse

In this blog post, I want to share resources and education opportunities for nurses interested in the Parish Nursing ministry.

Welcome, "C and E!"


Today our guest blogger shares the importance of welcoming people - especially students - on "C" and "E" holidays! Not sure what that means? Read her story and learn more!

By Augusta Mennel

A Lot of “Processing” Involved - For Life


Today our guest blogger shares a very personal experience on how he has "processed" his life.

By Rev. John Diener, Lifeline Team

Welcome, Stranger!

Welcome Stranger

Today our guest blogger shares how our university/campus ministries are reaching out to students, and making “life-saving” differences!

By Augusta R. Mennell

How My SmartPhone Expressed Heaven’s Joy

Today’s guest blogger shares how a SmartPhone shared the Good News!

By Rev. Lee Meyer, International Student Ministry (ISM) Board Co-president and In-Depth Bible Seminar Instructor