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Campus Ministry: a Lifesaver

Campus Ministry: a Lifesaver

Project: Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission

The Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (DRLM) is now 12 years old. Five missions have been planted in Santo Domingo and Santiago, which are the two largest cities, and five more are planned. Two Lutheran schools are functioning alongside those mission churches, with a growing number of students.  


Is being “spiritual” sufficient?

Is being “spiritual” sufficient?

Which Is the Key Building on Campus?


This summer my husband and I traveled to California to see our oldest grandchild graduate from high school. Like all grandparents, we beamed with pride as her name was called out at the graduation ceremony.

Just One

Why would a 78-year-old want to continue volunteering as Campus Ministry Director? Because I want to help even one student become a Christian this year.

What Produces a Good Campus Ministry?


I have recently been asked what produces a good campus ministry. From my experience two ingredients are essential. They are church members who are very friendly to college students, and Bible studies which teach the Gospel.

The More Things Change

The student meals at All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center have been changing through the years. The change is exciting to see because it makes us wonder what new twists will come in the future.

Set the Example

Something that is often encouraged during the annual stewardship drive by most congregations is for the members to look back and reflect over the past year to see how much God has blessed them. After making this assessment, the members are usually asked to consider increasing their giving for the following year accordingly, whenever possible. A goal often suggested is for members to stretch themselves to see if they can become tithers or ten percent givers. The question then becomes how can a church show its members that this is an attainable goal? The answer is simple. Set an example.


Elena (not her real name) is an international student who graduated from Slippery Rock University. During her college years, she came often to All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center for friendship and encouragement.