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A Typical Week in the Life of One Pastor - An example of Outreach

Do you live in a world where you believe your pastor only works on Sundays? Then be prepared to have your world turned upside down, as we have a sneak peek into the life of Pastor Gordon Naumann, from Trinity Lutheran Church in Scarsdale, NY. It is clear that he routinely reaches out to his neighbors on a daily basis with the Word of God. Here is his typical week in pictures.

Seeds that Sprout


Holy Land Trip 2020 With Nabil Nour

Beloved in the Lord Jesus, you are invited to join me (on my 24th tour), a native of Israel, born in Nazareth on a Journey to the Holy Land–Israel for an experience of a lifetime. We will depart from Chicago on August 24 and return on September 5, 2020 

Campus Ministry: a Lifesaver

Campus Ministry: a Lifesaver

Project: Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission

The Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (DRLM) is now 12 years old. Five missions have been planted in Santo Domingo and Santiago, which are the two largest cities, and five more are planned. Two Lutheran schools are functioning alongside those mission churches, with a growing number of students.  


Is being “spiritual” sufficient?

Is being “spiritual” sufficient?

Which Is the Key Building on Campus?


This summer my husband and I traveled to California to see our oldest grandchild graduate from high school. Like all grandparents, we beamed with pride as her name was called out at the graduation ceremony.

Just One

Why would a 78-year-old want to continue volunteering as Campus Ministry Director? Because I want to help even one student become a Christian this year.

What Produces a Good Campus Ministry?


I have recently been asked what produces a good campus ministry. From my experience two ingredients are essential. They are church members who are very friendly to college students, and Bible studies which teach the Gospel.