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Guest blog written by:

Jennifer Freudenburg

Project Manager for the Family Life Program and The Concordia Center for the Family

Concordia University Ann Arbor, MI

New Pastoral Education Loan Repayment Program

Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) seeks to serve pastors in the passionate way they serve the Church and its members. Many pastors face the troublesome obligation of student debt. Often they have to be resourceful in finding ways to pay for a seminary education. Now, LCEF can help lower and consolidate debt for newly ordained pastors. LCEF's Pastoral Educational Loan Repayment Program offers loans directly to the pastor or to his congregation to help consolidate outstanding unsecured debt such as

Learning more about the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission

In the next issue of the English Channels, you'll learn about the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (DRLM), a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of the Dominican Republic and nearby Haiti.

The DRLM is considered one of the premier models in the LCMS - as well as among our partner church bodies and mission fields - for growing and expanding the mission and serving our Lord by the power of His Word.